Sunday, January 31, 2010

Web 2.0

This week's assignment was the first I had ever heard of Web 2.0 let alone the Web 2.0 Awards. There were several sites that caught my interest. As an AVID teacher, I was intrigued by the Whiteboard site. Personal Statements have become a major part of the application process. This site would allow students to share their papers with their peers or faculty members for revisions. As a Leadership teacher, I could only think of the countless possibilities of the Upcoming website. We could announce dances, sports, events, and reunion to the members of our community. It would be just one more way to bring our community and school closer together. Finally, the iStats site created a great resource for the year round athlete. In the days of CrossFit, we could put our "Workout of the Day" on the site and athletes can compare their results with one another.

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