Sunday, January 31, 2010

Google Docs

Of all the things I learned about this week, Google Docs has the most potential as an educator and a coach. As a coach, I see this as an opportunity to communicate with parents and other coaches more effectively. I could post parent packets, directions to the various venues where we play, and practice and game calendars. More importantly, it could relieve some of the budgetary constraints by reducing copy cost. Inn terms of education, Google docs provides students with countless numbers of examples and templates to help them produce high quality assignments.

My only concern is that with all of these resources literally at their fingertips, will students lack the skills or creativity to develop these techniques themselves?

1 comment:

  1. I agree that Google docs is an amazing resourse for educators. However, I'm not sure that Google Docs would have that much of an impact on skills and/or creativity. Prior to programs such that Google Docs provides, students were using pen/pencil/paper for paperwork/writings and posterboards for presentations. Google Docs won't hinder their creativity, it will only allow them to go further. Also, Google Docs are the skills they need for the future.